Our innovation plant supervisor Pierre Hakkesteegt in an interview with SBE: "The right hygiene factors are essential for optimal production"


We wish everyone a happy & prosperous year 2024 full of new opportunities to create a greener & sustainable tomorrow together! 🌱

This is also a perfect moment to look back on our most valuable lessons learned in 2023 together with pierre Hakkesteegt, supervisor of our innovation plant at Delfzijl.

In an interview with SBE (Vereniging Samenwerkende Bedrijven Eemsregio), Pierre explains what role the right hygiene factors play to ensure optimal production conditions for our cyanobacteria and how reusing our cyanobacteria’s micromassa will bring us another step further in the development of our circular production technology.

2024, we are ready for you!

Read the full article here: https://www.sb-eemsdelta.nl/hygiene-succesfactor-productie-photanol/

The article is in Dutch but google translate is always happy to help. So it’s definitely worth a read.

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